Eating disorders – what helps?

Eating disorders – what helps?

I have found my purpose in life - if you are suffering in silence and living a part life with an eating disorder, reach out for help today.

Mental health is as important as physical health. I am constantly amazed that some people think that it is okay to have a physical

Barwon Health: Eating Disorders - What Helps?

illness, but to have something wrong with one’s mind is unacceptable –a sure sign of weakness, no less.  Strange, because our mind is part of our body, no less! Eating disorders really throw a spanner in the works, because they are both a mental and physical  illness rolled into one. Some people think that if you fix the physical illness – ‘fatten’ the sufferer up, that is – all will be well. No, it won’t. The mind needs to heal, too, and it needs time to do so. It also needs love and understanding. I’ve been there, and I know many beautiful and brave people who are struggling today, to escape their illness, and regain their true selves.

So I welcome the opportunity to take part in Mental Health Week, at Geelong, in my home state of Victoria. On Thursday, October 11, 5.30-7pm, I will join a panel discussion with health professionals showcasing treatment,support services and research in the Barwon region. Our topic will be ‘Eating disorders – what helps?’ If you have an eating disorder, or think you may have one, or if you know someone who has an eating disorder, come along to this event. Reaching out and connecting with others who understand is a vital tool in overcoming an eating disorder.

The venue is the Deakin Medical School, TTR Building Lecture Theatre. This is a free event and everyone is welcome. To register, email:

See you there!

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