No shut down on eating disorders in Washington DC

No shut down on eating disorders in Washington DC

LobbyDay Shareable1Hello Everyone, from Washington DC!
I am here in Washington until early Sunday, for the NEDC conference which starts tomorrow with a Lobby Day,  on Capitol Hill, to raise awareness of eating disorders with the nation’s decision-makers. Sadly the planning for this event is affected by the government shutdown (hope this is resolved by tomorrow, as I have been looking forward to my first Lobby Day!). Whatever happens, we are assured this event WILL go ahead, albeit in a slightly different format. I look forward to meeting up with Maudsley Parents co-chairs Rina Rinalli and Harriet Brown,  others from Maudsley Parents, as we join forces in this important advocacy and lobbying role. 
Yesterday, on arrival in the United States from the UK, dear friend and F.E.A.S.T. founder Laura Collins, was at the

Laura and June - catching up in the USA.

Laura and June – catching up in the USA.

airport with flowers and greeting, and with her family provided a lovely warm welcome and overnight stay in her home in Warrenton, Virginia. Thank you, dear Laura! Such precious time shared!

This afternoon, arrived at and checked in at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill, the NEDA conference venue.
I have been for a walk to clear my mind of the jet lag, stocked up on fresh fruit, yoghurt, nuts, sunflower seeds, you name it, for snacks and brain food; unpacked my clothes, caught up on a pile of emails (almost!) and now am ready to go explore, as I have have lots and lots of friends to see, and presentation to prepare for, and dinner (supper) to find, so will cease my rambling and run.
Washington, here we come!

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