Getting Better Bite by Bite – how you can help with 2nd edition

Getting Better Bite by Bite – how you can help with 2nd edition

Getting Better, Bite by Bite -   a 2nd edition is on its way.

Getting Better, Bite by Bite – a 2nd edition is on its way.

Having been ’embedded and submerged’ in the content of Getting Better Bit(e) by Bite(e) for  the past month or more, I want to say, what a great book this is.

Professors Ulrike Schmidt and Janet Treasure wrote ‘Bite by Bite‘ as a self-help book for sufferers of Bulimia Nervosa, and binge eating disorders, in 1993. The guidance it offers is as good as ever today.

I wish my doctor/psychiatrist had told me about it then. My recovery journey would have received such a boost. Knowing that wonderful self-help books like ‘Bite by Bite‘ are available, but are reaching only a few of the people who need them, makes me all the more passionate about spreading word of this book to where it needs to go – to the sufferers.  And to everyone who wants a ‘top up’ in making the most of their life. 

Timeless Message
Truly, this work, by the two wonderful professors, is timeless. The essence of the content that Professors Schmidt and Treasure wrote more than 20 years ago is as relevant today as then. The illness hasn’t changed! What has changed is that more is known about it now – so the decision has been made to do a little updating of references, research, technology. I feel honoured to be a co-author in this process.
The value of Getting Better Bit(e) by Bite(e)  lies in its candidness, its simplicity, its solution-focused and straightforward approach in exploring each of the many tendrils of the horrid, octopus-like, isolating  illness that is Bulimia Nervosa and any binge-eating disorder.

Easy to read and illustrated with many real-life examples direct  from sufferers of the illness, ‘Bite by Bite‘ tackles the specific problems that bulimia sufferers face on a daily basis.

Step-by-step Guidance

As a self-help programme that has been evaluated in a randomised controlled trial, it provides detailed step-by-step advice for dealing with this condition.

Unlike other less problem-oriented books on the subject,‘Bite by Bite‘ doesn’t pussyfoot around. It concentrates on the key behaviour changes necessary for the sufferer to achieve a happier and more fulfilled life. Theory is closely interwoven with practice and the book draws together real problems and solutions experienced by hundreds of sufferers.

The content is intimate, it is hands-on and therapeutic. It is about hope; it is about not only surviving but recovering your full sense of self and being free to live your true life. It is about helping you help yourself, preferably with a trusted family member or friend as a recovery guide. 
Recovery – You Can Do It
The new title reflects this positive message: Getting Better Bite by Bite – a recovery kit for sufferers of Bulimia Nervosa.
This new book will provide you with the tools you need to make your journey to recovery. It’s hard work, but anyone with an eating disorder knows what hard work is all about it – the challenge is to put our hard work into helping ‘us’ be free rather than feeding the horrid ‘eating disorder’.
‘Where to Get Help’ – How You Can Help

Suggestions are invited for a ‘where to get help’ resource list to be published in this second edition of ‘Bite by Bite‘. One of the new chapters will provide suggestions for further reading and support. I invite former sufferers, and current sufferers to let me know what resources you have found helpful in your journey. Remember, the prime focus of this new book is self-help for sufferers of Bulimia Nervosa (BN) and other binge eating problems. This is a chance for your experience to count in helping others.

I seek recommendations for books or articles, blogs or websites, that you have found helpful in learning  skills to overcome Bulimia Nervosa and other binge eating disorders.
Recommendations are particularly invited for current literature, journal articles, support groups and online links in the following areas (in relation to BN and binge eating):
Personal relationships, fashion, diets, body image/body size, social media, technological applications, self-esteem, culture and race, sexual relationships, sexual abuse, depression, pregnancy and motherhood, assertiveness, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, self-harm, survival stories, addictions, social skills, physical exercise, relaxation, interpersonal relationships in the workplace.
Send brief details, by May 24th 2014, to
June Alexander (co-author)
Ulrike Schmidt, Janet Treasure
Getting Better Bite by Bite – a recovery kit for sufferers of Bulimia Nervosa

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