What do you like or dislike about you?

What do you like or dislike about you?

Ana_MirrorWould you like to contribute to the creation of an inspirational video for International Women’s Day on March 8?

If so, Lilac Sheer, who has Ana on the run, has a message via me for you. Lilac writes:
I’m creating a really cool women’s empowerment video for women’s day.

The song talks about the days we don’t like the image in the mirror, and promotes self-acceptance and unconditional love.

Video will be made of a collage of women’s self-made videos of themselves looking in the mirror, showing parts of themselves they either like, dislike, or both (You can also take part anonymously without showing your face).

It will take only 5mins to make. You can shoot yourself, or have a friend take the video of you.

You can hear the song and see samples here:

* If you want to take part I will need the videos by the end of this week.
* Please record while the phone is horizontal, I won’t be able to use vertical videos.

❤ If you want to take part please message me (email: info@lilacsheer.com) ❤
If you can think of any other women who may like to take part – that would really help too!
Thanks dearly,


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