Your chance to direct eating disorder research

Your chance to direct eating disorder research

What are the top unanswered questions or “uncertainties” in the eating disorders field that are not being addressed by current research? To find out, the Patient/Carer Committee (PCC)  of the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) invites your help. The PCC has organised a project to locate the most pressing needs, or gaps, in the research. It only takes a few minutes of your time. To participate, click this link to the survey .

The project approach is modelled on the work of the James Lind Alliance in the UK. The PCC, of which I am a member, hopes the project will help the AED to align with the trend across the healthcare field to forge an equal collaboration with clinicians, researchers, patients, and families, using the combined expertise (clinical, lived experience, and academic/scientific) of these key stakeholders to improve clinical practice and guide new research directions.

We hope this survey will provide insightful feedback and input which can be used to refine, revise, and prioritise the perceived gaps in clinical practice and the focus of future research. We want our list of top unanswered questions, which will be shared in San Francisco at the our “Meet the Experts” session, to drive discussion between all stakeholders in the eating disorder field and lead to more open communication and cooperation.

Thank you for taking part and be sure to share with everyone you know who has experience of an eating disorder. We value and invite your input. Your experience counts!


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