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I am the founder and CEO of Mind Blossom. I received my PhD from Emory University and finished a short Post-doctoral Fellowship at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. Inspired by my experiences, I left academia with the purpose of creating tangible changes to mental healthcare through technology and psychoeducation. I first joined the multimodal biosensors software company iMotions, where I led the strategic development of a wearable mobile biosensor platform as well as the integration of voice analysis into their multimodal biometric research platform. I now serve as a consultant for companies, often at the startup stage, on the integration of biosensors and AI in mental health tech as well as an advisor to both companies and graduate-level students. I am an expert on mental health and illness and regularly lead lectures for high school, college and graduate students. I have been featured on various webinars and podcasts and am a writer at Psychology Today.
* You can read more about me on my website. From the age of 11, I struggled with anorexia and other mental illnesses for 15 years. I currently live in Boston, MA, in the United States.

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From struggle to strength: Surviving anorexia and the transformative power of family support

Being a child with an eating disorder is no fun. I survived a 15-year-long battle with anorexia, the deadliest psychiatric illness. My childhood was shadowed by ruminating on my body’s appearance, constantly exploring new ways of secretly hiding uneaten food, and exercising intensely. During short periods of adolescence when I experienced a relief in my..

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Breaking chains and building bridges for all of us

At the age of 11, the earliest traces of my eating disorder (ED), specifically anorexia, started to emerge. A significant factor behind this struggle was my family environment. For most of my early life, I grew up with a half-sister, eight years younger than myself, and a single mother who was psychologically abusive, a behavior..

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