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Reece (he/him) is a speaker, writer and passionate advocate for inclusivity and intersectionality. Reece endeavours to use his professional and lived experience to amplify marginalised voices, destigmatise mental health issues and promote social change across healthcare services, within systems and in broader community contexts. Reece is a peer worker for the Butterfly Foundation (Australia), where he utilises his lived experience of anorexia and complex mental illness to foster hope and empower others in their recovery. As a man of transgender experience, he has a particular interest in exploring the complex relationship that individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+ have with their bodies. Reece believes that the process of recovery is about embracing authenticity and returning to inherent worth.

Unmasking eating disorders among people in the LGBTQIA+ community

I was 15 when my father noticed money missing from his wallet. He asked if I had taken it. I said, “No.” However, after hours of being accused of taking drugs and screamed at to the point of having spit on my face and crawling into a ball in the corner of my room, I..

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