Private Writing Mentoring

Life Writing and Narrative Mentoring

Your pen can help set you free

to be the navigator of your life

Private life writing mentoring sessions can be helpful in two main ways.

  • Firstly, writing with an experienced mentor can assist in self-healing and knowledge of self. This process involves a deep level of trust and privacy between the client and the mentor.
  • This first step can lead to the second step, which involves writing your life story not only for yourself but, if you wish, also for others. Many people who complete these two steps say it’s the best thing they have ever done.

When we lose confidence or the ability to express our thoughts and feelings verbally, our quality of life can suffer. We can be misinterpreted or misunderstood. We can feel isolated and alienated.

The good news is that life writing can be a useful tool to ‘speak’ on our behalf when verbalizing our feelings seems too difficult. Finding safe ways to share our private world in a narrative way can enable our experiences to be emotionally processed, validated, debated, and/or challenged.

The process of writing in a safe and supportive environment also can assist us in gauging helpful responses when sharing brief extracts of our private world with others.

When we develop trust with a mentor the next step is gaining confidence to share our writing, if not fully, perhaps in summary form or letter, as a basis for discussion and reflection. Such sharing, between writer and mentor, can help to ease and confront deep-seated negative feelings such as shame and stigma that may be the cause of resistance to engaging more positively in mainstream and realizing life dreams.

Traumatic and hurtful experiences cannot be undone. Some losses cannot be retrieved. However, narrative mentoring can enable painful emotions and related inhibitions to be addressed, re-packaged and placed in the context of life, in a healing way, allowing us freedom to move on, over time.

Gradually we can gain confidence to voice in public the thoughts and feelings we have learnt to share in the safety of our writing.

Your pen can help set you free to be the navigator of your life.

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