Manuscript editing for constructive feedback

I've written my first draft

What's next? Editing

Have you completed the first draft of your manuscript, big or small, and are wondering what to do next? Maybe you have completed one or more drafts and want to add more shine?

You have come to the right place! A manuscript assessment will provide constructive feedback on big and small elements and suggest ways to improve your work.

Your manuscript will be edited in detail. Comments and suggestions will be tracked for your consideration. Examples include interpretation and context of the text, rewording to create seamless connections, grammar, tenses and flow.

Structural and copy editing can be provided concurrently, or separately.

For two years I worked on my book every chance I could. Many times I wanted to give up because I did know if my writing was good enough to tell a powerful story. Then June became my mentor. My advice to anyone who has ever desired to write your story … DO IT. Do not doubt it. You never know how many people you will touch through your story


I have lived a very public and social life yet, until writing my book, had never shared my best kept secret – a battle with a mental illness. The outcome of my book release has been truly extraordinary.


Writing a book can consume thousands of hours

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Your book will be priceless to you and to all for whom the subject has meaning.

Because the hours involved in producing a professional-standard manuscript can be countless, I offer a flat fee structure so that you know you are paying a set amount in return for a defined book of a certain size and scope.

Extras can be negotiated, of course, but the basic agreement offers a clear path for achieving your goal.

I offer my clients safety in exploring what might be painful or traumatic areas of life experience. For more than a decade I have specialized as a narrative mentor in guiding and supporting with clients writing their memoir or parts of their story. My Ph.D. focus was on using life writing as a self-healing and therapeutic tool.

If you proceed to publish your manuscript, you retain 100 percent of the rights to your book.