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Many people talk about writing their life story “one day,” but that day never comes. Many others start the process but never finish it. Writing about one’s life has many benefits. Is your desire to write your life story stuck in the too-hard basket?

I have good news for you. My ‘Self-Paced Life Story Mentoring’ package contains a series of seven writing tasks that will guide you in mapping your story.

The Self-Paced Life Story Mentoring package does not offer the personal, one on one tuition offered in my other life story classes. Instead, your questions are answered, and guidance is offered to each package subscriber in a community blog called the Memoir Hub.

Registering for the mentoring package grants you entry to this safe and supportive, village-like, private writing community.

In this way, for a low cost, I am available as your experienced mentor, to offer guidance, empathy, encouragement, and skills to help you write your story.

Any time you have a question about the structure or content of your story, you can submit it on the online form provided, and I will reply promptly in the private Memoir Hub blog.

Register now and write your life story at your own pace, in a safe place.

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