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Everyone has a story to tell, and this includes YOU.

  • Choose the option that suits you.
  • Communication is via email and Microsoft Word documents. As well, Zoom sessions provide opportunities for extra story-sharing, feedback and review.
  • Your completed story will be to a publishable standard.
  • Your memory gems will become a treasure and keepsake for family, friends, and community.

Option One

Write a short story

This ‘I Remember When …’ option is ideal as a first step in documenting your story. I will guide you in creating a 2000-5000 word story about either one aspect or period of your life, or a brief overview of all your life; this story can stand alone or become a chapter in your full story (for example, in Option Two).

You will receive: 

  • Online support  via email
  • 10 hours of narrative guidance and editing in mapping and writing your story to publishable standard
  • Extra tuition negotiable

Fee: $1000 in advance

Option Two

Write your memoir

This memoir package comprises two stages. In the first stage, I offer guidance in mapping your life and creating a foundation and framework on which to write your story. In the second stage, I will be by your side in drafting each chapter and bringing your complete story to a professional publishable standard.

Memoir writing is an individual journey – your memoir may comprise from 20,000 to 100,000 words.

It is not the number of words that count, but what your words say that count.

Mentoring timespan: This varies according to your writing pace and the length of your memoir; generally, allow 18 months.

The two stages comprise:

Stage One
Guidance in mapping your life story, structuring your memoir and outlining each chapter.

Fee: $1000.

Stage Two
Now you are ready to write the chapters outlined in Stage One. My narrative guidance and editing support will help you produce a manuscript of professional publishing standard.

Fee: Negotiable.

Are you ready to…

Start writing?

I welcome all inquiries, whether you want to know more, or want to get started right away.

The narrative packages include text only. Guidance can be provided in selection and cataloguing of pictures and other images, the insertion of which will occur at the printing stage.

I do not handle publishing of the completed manuscript but can provide guidance in either a) seeking a publishing contract or b) arranging self-publishing.

No refunds except under exceptional circumstances; any cancellation to incur $200 fee.

Are you part of an incredible community or social group, and want to create a book of your history together?

I offer Community History Book mentoring for those interested in group writing mentoring.

Learn more about Community History Mentoring

Interested in one-on-one writing mentoring sessions?