1500 signatures – revealing the cost of silent suffering

1500 signatures – revealing the cost of silent suffering

A Girl Called Tim - a 24-hour help line would have facilitated recovery.

I am overwhelmed by the strength of the response to this petition. More than 1500 signatures, and now we are aiming for 2500. And I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. Thousands of people are affected by an eating disorder and in need of a 24-hour support line. Minister for Mental Health, Mr Mark Butler – I ask you to weigh up the cost of funding a 24-hour support line against the cost of out-of-control eating disorders.

If there is one thing that I know from four decades of living with an eating disorder, it is that early intervention is crucial – whether as a child or adolescent developing the illness, or as an adult, on the verge of relapse. Miss that crucial early moment when you are aware that something is not quite right, and something tells you to reach out to someone you know you can trust, for reassurance and guidance – miss that moment, and the downward spiral into ED’s dark depths can be swift and cataclysmic.

Sign this petition, and help us pressure the government!

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