Seeing red with Ed says U said

Seeing red with Ed says U said

Ed Says U Said - Eating Disorder Translator by June Alexander and Cate Sangster

Ed Says U Said – Eating Disorder Translator by June Alexander and Cate Sangster

RED means STOP.  Ed says U said – Eating Disorder Translator shouts this message for all to read and hear.  This new  book with the red cover puts the eating disorder ‘Ed’ on notice. Turn the glaring red cover to unearth the lowdown on this grossly misunderstood illness. Turn the pages to understand the language of eating disorders from the sufferer’s and carer’s perspective. Symptoms, treatment and recovery are explored – for people of all ages and stages. Understand how nasty Ed thinks and acts and you are well on the way to stopping it in its tracks. RED means STOP is a loud message to this bully illness that creates havoc for not only the sufferer, but for everyone who knows and loves them. Many clinicians and therapists also have difficulty understanding ‘Ed’, the master manipulator. Well, this new book offers insights and explanations from within the illness itself. Co-author Cate Sangster and I share our eating disorder experiences, together with those of many fellow survivors of eating disorders, their partners and carers, to expose Ed’s nasty, bullying ways. Arming ourselves with knowledge is the best way to stop Ed from fooling with us, to stop the illness from playing deceptive, hurtful and harmful tricks on sufferers, and confusing carers and clinicians.

Understanding the thought patterns and behaviours of the eating disorder is crucial to overcoming the illness. Ed says U said  sheds light from within.

I thank the many survivors, parents, carers, siblings and partners who candidly share their experiences in Ed says U said so that readers may learn about what an eating disorder is like, and use this knowledge to dis-arm rather than inflame the illness in the person they know and love. This book will help you place a stop on Ed’s seemingly insatiable appetite for domination and destruction. Knowledge is power.

Ed says U said – Eating Disorder Translator is a direct insight into the complex world of Eating Disorders. Written in such an accessible manner it’s another step towards greater Eating Disorder Awareness for everyone. Honest, clear and none-jargon filled – soon to be one of the top must reads for anyone looking to understand these life threatening illness.

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