Write about your life and make it count

Write about your life and make it count

Everyone has a story to tell, and this includes you!

Everyone has a story to tell, and this includes you!

Writing your story is important – whether  to fulfil your

Writing a diary since age 12 helped me in many ways and provided much comfort, too.

Writing a diary since age 12 helped me in many ways and provided much comfort, too. In recent years, the diaries became the main resource for my autobiography A Girl Called Tim

personal dreams, share with family or publish for all to read – you are the only one who can really write about your life.

I love to share my love of writing with people of every age and skill. In June this year, I am offering classes in Melbourne for you to come along and discover your gem within.

Everyone has a story worth sharing. I will be your mentor as you explore  self-reflection, journaling, autobiography and social history. The technique and style of writing is the key to making an ordinary story special. Life writing is therapeutic and rewarding; it encourages and support mental health.

* Written narratives give value to life experience. Previous writing experience unnecessary. Often the most amazing stories come from those who lack initial confidence and self-belief.

* The writing process encourages deeper understanding of thoughts, feelings, behaviours and relationships.

* Writing helps to break down thought and behaviour rigidity. Light bulb moments occur as previously impossible things become possible.

* Writing provides comfort when feeling despondent or vulnerable.

* Tormenting thoughts are repackaged and made more manageable.

* Writing promotes mindfulness, and expression and nurturing of inner self.

* Life writing facilitates productivity, purposefulness and contentment.

* Skills include journaling, letter-writing, poetry, short stories and creating autobiographical chapters that may develop into a book. In short, life writing promotes feelings of worthiness and self-respect.

* Written works are valuable for their own sake, and may be keepsake for family, friends and wider community. They can be preserved for contribute to our nation’s record of first-hand social history.

* Life writing helps you see where you have been and where you are going – above all, it helps you live in the moment.

Crafting a story can help you heal from trauma – whether illness or incident. Writing may include describing the event and emotions about what occurred, its impact and effect.

Examples: See here.

Make your life count!  Your memories and dreams are important – in understanding yourself, and in helping others understand you.



Where: The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne

Dates: June 13, 20 and 27.

Time: 10am to 2pm.

Cost: $200 for one session; $500 for three sessions.

To book, email:  june@junealexander.com

Hurry! Classes are kept small for maximum attention and caring!


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