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I am a non-fiction writer with expertise in narrative mentoring and editing.

My PhD in Creative Writing explores how story-telling can assist self-healing, and how the personal diary and other keepsakes can be a valuable resource in memoir-writing.


On the Benefits of Life Writing

For two years I worked on my book every chance I could. Many times, I wanted to give up because I did not know if my writing was good enough to tell a powerful story.
Then June became my mentor. My advice to anyone who has ever desired to write your story … DO IT. Do not doubt it. You never know how many people you will touch through your story.

~ Holly

To become a Life Story Writer, you need:

  • Writing experience
  • Fancy computer
  • A passion to tell your truth
  • Lots of time
  • Perfect grammar

I will assist you with every stage.

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Writing Your Story?

Do you want to write your story but need some guidance? Professional one-on-one memoir mentoring offers numerous benefits. As your writing mentor, I assist with every stage – including the identification of main themes, story mapping, writing, and editing to professional publishing standard.

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Manuscript Editing?

Have you completed the first draft of your manuscript and are wondering what to do next? A manuscript assessment will assist by providing constructive feedback on big picture elements. As well, seamless copy editing will add shine to the gem that is your life story.

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