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Have you ever been in a large family? I was born into a large family with an even number of brothers and sisters. It was tough growing up in a small household; there were fights between family members and siblings. When I was born, being the third eldest, I was a ‘picky eater’ from day one. I wouldn’t try anything that wasn’t on my taste palate. I was a very ‘hyperactive’ child. I would be on the trampoline for hours, I would walk around on my toes and my parents informed me not to do this among other things.

When I was younger, I enjoyed doing creative things like poetry, drawing, and writing stories. I am enjoying life now because I am overcoming many obstacles. I am studying Creative Writing to improve my thought processes in coping with my life challenges, as well as helping my intellectual struggles with learning. I  encourage others to do what suits them best.

Opening up about recovery is hard but worth it for mental health. Live “one day at a time”, because you know in your heart that this is the best thing for yourself!

Diary of an eating disorder – how Hayley is rebuilding her life

It all started when I was in primary school. I was bullied being called “fat, bitch, loser” and more. I had a hard time with this because the same boy who assaulted me was also bullying my family. I made some genuine friends and some fake friends. My eating habits were affected by the bullying...

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