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I developed an eating disorder as a way to cope with surviving a world that didn’t make sense to me. In 2020, I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and I also received a formal diagnosis of Binge Eating Disorder. Suddenly, my life came into focus. In 2022, I left my job as a nurse at the local hospital due to burnout and sought inpatient treatment for my eating disorder. A nurse at the clinic where I sought treatment introduced me to June’s work. I have a passion for using my lived experience to help others and in 2023 sought June out to help me write my story with the dual purpose of helping me to heal and to help others struggling like me find their way. I am currently ‘in recovery’ from my eating disorder and am learning to navigate the world in a way that allows me to live my best life. My dream is to one day open a residential facility in my hometown for others needing support to navigate their recovery.

Love and shame: exploring my most difficult emotions

In learning to recognise my needs and have them met, I’ve also learnt more about emotions and their role in my life. A decade ago, when I was about 40 years old, a four-year-old asked why I was so fat. It was one of those moments when something shifted. If someone were to ask that..

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