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I joined a writing group led by June Alexander about a year ago. I have been learning about writing and myself ever since. When I joined June’s writing Clan, my aim was to make new friendships. I did! I also unlocked within me a creative flow I had forgotten existed. I am in the process of publishing Where Love Is, my first book of poems and inspirational messages.
I find writing to be healing and liberating. Sharing my writing with caring people brings fulfillment and balance into my life. I have gratitude for all who have been a part of this experience.
I live on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.

Why I write – the Sunshine Girl

We have progressed a long way in mental health recognition since the 1940s. My message is that our mental health is something to embrace and speak openly about, rather than hide in shame. The Spot Cafe in Portland, a coastal town in Victoria, Australia, was bustling with people, mainly locals. It was a cool evening..

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