So you intend to write your life story “One day”?

So you intend to write your life story “One day”?

By June Alexander

Procrastination is a perennial pop-up when conversation swings to writing our life story. How hard is it to pick up a pen and paper and start writing? I’ve created a new website to help you on your way.

Like me, you are likely to know dear family members, friends, and colleagues, who have led inspiring lives and to whom you have said: “You have so much valuable wisdom and knowledge to share, you really do need to write and preserve your story.” When I say this to someone, the response is often a slightly embarrassed chuckle, followed by “yes, I’ll get around to it one day.” But far too often, that day never comes.

Just do it

All you need to get started is a pen and notebook. Or a laptop or other online tool. A pen and notebook are ideal because the feel of the pen and the paper is tangible and bonding with the task at hand. It does not matter what you write, or in what order or style. Just write.

Set aside 20 minutes or an hour each day to write, and before you know it, you will have the makings of a story. Your very own, exclusively yours, story.

Are you wondering: “Where will I start?”, or “Will I write about this or that or everything?” I’m excited to share that my new website is dedicated to providing mentoring and guidance to help you preserve your life story. Explore this site and choose the form of writing and assistance package that seems right for you. I am here to provide mentoring and encouragement, either privately or in group sessions.

Importantly, I  offer an hour’s free consultation via Skype, phone or email to help you decide which path to follow, and am happy to discuss a tailor-made arrangement to help you achieve your goals. To arrange a free consultation, click here.

Quite apart from the value of documenting your life stories for those who love and respect you, and for the generations to come, the process of expressing yourself and sharing your personal story through writing brings an immediate reward for you. You will feel uplifted in unexpected ways and your level of wellbeing is sure to go up at least several notches.

Quite likely, you will want to keep on writing

Do you lead or belong to a mental health advocacy or community-based group? Perhaps you play a sport, or belong to a book club? Or maybe you belong to a craft group or travel club? Perhaps you have stopped working recently or will do so soon, and are wondering how to fill in your time in a purposeful way.

You might like to write a chapter about your childhood, a chapter about your career, a chapter about your children or friends, a chapter about lessons you have learned, or a chapter about lost dreams, or a chapter about a special belonging, or a chapter about one day in your life. You might like to write to help work out where you are right now  in the mapping of your life, and to see more clearly what direction to pursue next. The choice is endless and is for you to make.

You might find that writing a chapter about this and that is the way to go for you. Very soon you will have a manuscript that can be stored as it is, or can be published and shared with others to add to and enrich the tapestry of your family’s and community’s social and cultural history.

As a writing mentor, I can be your personal dolphin, or I can lead the way for you and your like-minded friends and colleagues with a workshop series.

Choose which format suits you best, or if you are unsure, contact me anyway, and start writing!

June Alexander

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As founder of Life Stories Diary my prime motivation is to connect with people who want to share their story. Why? Because your story is important. My goal with this blog is to provide a platform for you to share your story with others. Building on the accomplishments of The Diary Healer the Life Stories Diary blog will continue to be a voice for people who have experienced an eating disorder, trauma or other mental health challenge, and provide inspiration through the narrative, to live a full and meaningful life.

My nine books about eating disorders focus on learning through story-sharing. Prior to writing books, which include my memoir, I had a long career in print journalism. In 2017, I graduated as a Doctor of Philosophy (Creative Writing), researching the usefulness of journaling and writing when recovering from an eating disorder or other traumatic experience.
Today I combine my writing expertise with life experience to help others self-heal. Clients receive mentoring in narrative techniques and guidance in memoir-writing. I also share my editing expertise with people who are writing their story and wish to prepare it to publication standard. I encourage everyone to write their story. Your story counts!
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