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I am a counsellor working at Eating Disorders Families Australia (EDFA), where I provide support to carers of loved ones suffering from eating disorders. My passion lies in helping families navigate the challenging journey of supporting someone with an eating disorder, offering guidance, empathy, and practical advice to make this journey a little easier. Outside my professional life, I love being outdoors and embracing adventure, whether it’s bushwalking, camping, or exploring new places. I believe that staying connected to nature helps me bring a balanced and grounded approach to my counselling practice. I am available for online counselling appointments to all Australian residents. You can book a session with me through EDFA’s Fill the Gap Program. I look forward to supporting you and your family through this journey.

Unsung heroes: the role of sibling carers in eating disorder recovery

Caring for a loved one with an eating disorder is a huge responsibility, filled with emotional and psychological challenges. While much focus is placed on parents, it’s important to recognise that siblings can also play a crucial role in recovery. As a sibling carer, your role is invaluable, and your experiences and contributions deserve acknowledgment..

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