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I am a professional violinist with an unpaid side hustle as a sassy mental health, queer equality and women’s rights advocate. I have had anorexia nervosa for about 16 years, during which I experienced mostly ineffective and sometimes traumatic treatment and gaslighting. Four years ago, I began to think I may be autistic, and in 2022, at age 30, I received an official diagnosis. Now, I want to use my horrible experiences to educate carers and clinicians, help those suffering to feel less alone, and, ideally, help them on their recovery journey.
I have published a book about my journey. E-books can be purchased by clicking here.
You also can order a hard copy by contacting me directly via my Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/hannah_unmasked/

Autism and anorexia – the difference a diagnosis makes

If I had not realised I am Autistic and received an official diagnosis, I would likely be dead – “or worse, expelled!” My anorexia nervosa was fuelled by a deep and desperate yearning to be thin. This yearning was partially driven by knowing that, in our fat-phobic society, being thin would make my socially awkward,..

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