I’ve got an eating disorder – what do you say?

I’ve got an eating disorder – what do you say?

ED says U said - a chance to help others Understand the Language of Eating Disorders.

ED says U said - a chance to help others Understand the Language of Eating Disorders.

The doctor told me today I have an eating disorder…

If your child, or friend, or partner, or parent, or colleague, says this to you, what will you say in response?

Or maybe you are the person with the eating disorder – if so, what did people say, how did they re-act, when they learnt of your illness? What would you like them to say?

Do they understand the seriousness of the illness, or do they think it is some throwaway fad thing you picked up in the supermarket?

Share your responses for inclusion in ED says U said, Understanding the Language of Eating Disorders. Send your gems to june@junealexander.com as soon as you can as we are near submission deadline. All contributions will be anonymous. This book is shaping up really well – it is full of gems from you all – carers and people with eating disorders. Together, we are making sure manipulative ED has nowhere to hide.

To get you started, add to this list of  responses WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR AGAIN to the revelation that you have an eating disorder:

–       No way!

–       Yeah I think I had that once.

–       Ha! I wish I had your problem! Have you seen how much weight I’ve put on lately?

–       No! You’re just fit and healthy.

–       Don’t be silly, you just need to eat properly.

–       Don’t worry, you’ll be better in no time.

–       You just need to find yourself a good man, then you won’t have time for all this.

–       No, that can’t be right, you don’t have any problems! You’re the one whose always fixing our problems.

–       No, you’re not thin enough to have anorexia.

–       Aren’t you too old to have an eating disorder?

–       Not you too! Does everyone have an eating disorder these days?

–       But you look so amazing!

–       Ooh, can I catch a bit of that from you?

–       I always knew there was something wrong with you ….

–       For god’s sake don’t tell anyone!


Now list the response that you would like to hear when you share that you or your loved one has an eating disorder:
Here are a few to get you started … 

–       Wow that sounds really serious! How do you feel about that?

–       You know, I feel very relieved. I have been feeling concerned about you for some time. You have been really brave, going to the doctor and telling him how you feel. How can I help? I’ll be your friend through all this.

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