Carers needed for peer support research

Carers needed for peer support research

Opportunity to share wisdom from first hand experience is always to be welcomed. I believe that carers and consumers (sufferers) are a largely untapped resource in building evidence-based research in the eating disorder field. Hence my excitement at this call which comes via my dear friend and fantastic researcher, Dr Hunna Watson in  Western Australia.  One of Hunna’s students, Jacqueline Le Mesurier, seeks participants for her “Consensus Guidelines on Peer Support in Eating Disorders” research study.  
Hunna explains:
The study has ethics approval and we require participants. If you know of any carers, health professionals, or consumers who have a good level of knowledge on providing care, support, and services safely for people with eating disorders, please forward this on to them. We have contacted several organisations such as BEAT, NEDA, and NEDC to distribute this, but are seeking to reach out to specific individuals as we need to collect all responses to the first wave right now within a 3-week timeframe. We are getting there with data collection though are particularly low on carer participants at the moment. Please forward through any relevant networks that you have.
Jacqueline explains how you can get involved and make your experience count:

Dear Prospective Participant,

I am completing my Clinical Psychology Masters research project at Murdoch University in Perth under the supervision of Dr Hunna Watson, at the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children Eating Disorders Program and Professor David Leach at Murdoch University.The aim of our study is to establish expert consensus guidelines for the delivery of peer support interventions to people (children & adolescents, adults) with eating disorders. The study involves identifying expert clinicians, care-givers and consumers in the area of eating disorders and seeking their opinion on a number of issues around peer support. This study uses Delphi methodology to establish guidelines by consensus and requires participants to complete and return a total of 3 online questionnaires over a 3 month period. The amount of time necessary for completion of each questionnaire will vary for each person, but should range from approximately 30-1.5 hours for each round of questionnaires.You have been identified as a potential participant for this research project. Your assistance in helping to identify contacts by forwarding this message to your networks would be greatly appreciated. If any individuals can assist with this research, we would appreciate if you could follow the link to the first questionnaire. It is required that the first questionnaire is completed by the 19th of July 2013 to ensure that the second and third questionnaires are promptly distributed.

If you have general queries regarding the research, please email Jacqueline Le Mesurier ( or Dr Hunna Watson (

Become a Mentor

MentorCONNECT_logowebAnother of my dear friends, eating disorder advocate Shannon Cutts of MentorCONNECT is also putting a call out – MentorCONNECT, the first global eating disorders mentoring community,  is about to go on a wait for mentors – for gals this time! Shannon, the founder of this wonderful organisation, explains:

We are inviting new mentors to join! Here is the application link:

The MentorCONNECT mission:

To connect members individually and in groups with mentors to share experiences, provide guidance, and help each other through the struggles and triumphs of our journeys.

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