Listen to June Alexander speak about writing on the Creating Space Project podcast

Listen to June Alexander speak about writing on the Creating Space Project podcast

To hear how diary writing has helped June to heal from an eating disorder, listen here as she speaks to Ruth Nelson on the Creating Space Project podcast series.

In this podcast series, Ruth interviews women and asks them for a personal story. By exploring this way of using her skills as a psychologist to help reduce prejudice in the community, Ruth hopes to increase what she aptly describes as ‘the store of compassion in this world’.

“Together, we explore what that story says about each woman’s values and ideals. The purpose is to create a moment of emotional connection between storyteller and listener. Human beings are, at our core, storytellers. For me, it is one of our most wondrous attributes. Stories nurture both the teller and the listener, with the power to transform both.  In the podcast, I believe there is power to strengthen the storyteller, to highlight their dignity and resilience. There is also power to nurture compassion in the listener, allowing them, perhaps, to let go of some prejudices as they listen, noticing what it is they share in common with the storyteller and to notice, without judgment, the differences that emerge.”

– Ruth Nelson, Creating Space Project on most podcast apps, including iTunes.

Diana has experienced eating disorders and recovery firsthand, with herself and her daughter. She co-founded The Diary Healer website with June Alexander and has written several blog posts based on her personal experiences in the hope that sharing her stories will give others a sense of community and connection, and give herself some perspective and healing along the way. If you would like to contact Diana, she can be reached at

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