Write your story with self-paced memoir mentoring

Join a private blog community for memoir writers

Write your story with self-paced memoir mentoring

Write your story with self-paced memoir mentoring

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Writing a memoir is rather like running a marathon. Success requires time, dedication, preparation, planning, and perseverance. Between us, I think that holding your own printed story in your hands is like standing on a special prizewinners’ podium. You have completed the marathon task and your book is your very own medal–it is unique to you.
I encourage everyone to write their story. Not only so others will get to know and understand you better, but also so that you get to know and understand yourself better.
To help bypass the obstacles and write your story, I have created a ‘Self-Paced Memoir Mentoring’ package. This package contains a series of seven writing tasks that will guide you in mapping your story.
By working through each task, one by one, at a pace that feels right for you, you will create a sturdy foundation and framework for your memoir. By the time you complete the final task, you will be ready to enjoy the process of writing the content for each of the chapters embedded in your framework.

A private blog community for memoir writers

The ‘Self-Paced Memoir Mentoring’ package does not offer the personal, one on one tuition offered in my other memoir classes. Instead, questions are answered, and guidance is offered to each package subscriber in a regular blog called the Private Memoir Hub. You will belong to this village-like private writing community.

In this way, for a low cost, I am available as your experienced coach or mentor, to offer guidance, empathy, encouragement, and skills to help you get over the line with your story.

As a memoir writer, your ability to focus on the goal – that is, your ability to focus on visualising your completed manuscript, and hugging your printed story – is vital. My regular blogs in the private Memoir Hub will help you to maintain this focus when the going gets tough. Any time you have a question, about the structure or content of your story, you can submit it on the online form provided, and I will answer it promptly in the private Memoir Hub blog.

Safety, trust, and self-belief

To write a memoir, you need to feel safe enough to express your innermost thoughts and feelings. Especially in the first draft, it is important to write with abandon — release all of your pent-up thoughts and feelings onto the page. It’s like cleaning out a cupboard in one’s mind. When put on the page, the thoughts and feelings can be more easily sorted, discarded, or repackaged, and self-awareness and self-understanding grow.

To facilitate such sharing, your privacy is respected at all times. I write about this in more detail in an early post in the Private Memoir Hub blog that you will find upon registering for the Self-Paced Memoir Mentoring package.

As a memoir writer, you need to believe your story deserves to be told – for whatever reason. Perhaps you may feel, as I did, that you have been misunderstood by loved ones for much of your life, and you want to document your truth in your own words. Righting the record in your own words is important because your life counts.

You may have accomplished amazing feats during the course of your life and want to inspire others by writing your story. You may have lived what many people consider “an ordinary life” but how you write your story will reveal it is not ordinary – it is extraordinary.

If you have survived severe trauma and/or severe mental or physical illness, you may find that writing about your experience in a memoir can promote self-healing and be cathartic.

Choose the option that suits you

You can write your memoir at any age, and during the course of your life, you may write several memoirs. Every day is an open canvas, an opportunity for fresh discoveries, and fresh lessons.

I believe that writing your story is the most precious personal thing to do for yourself and to leave for others who follow. Your memoir can also educate and inspire others whose lives have been touched by events similar to your own.

You will read more about this in a post on the Private Memoir Hub blog.

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As founder of Life Stories Diary my prime motivation is to connect with people who want to share their story. Why? Because your story is important. My goal with this blog is to provide a platform for you to share your story with others. Building on the accomplishments of The Diary Healer the Life Stories Diary blog will continue to be a voice for people who have experienced an eating disorder, trauma or other mental health challenge, and provide inspiration through the narrative, to live a full and meaningful life.

My nine books about eating disorders focus on learning through story-sharing. Prior to writing books, which include my memoir, I had a long career in print journalism. In 2017, I graduated as a Doctor of Philosophy (Creative Writing), researching the usefulness of journaling and writing when recovering from an eating disorder or other traumatic experience.
Today I combine my writing expertise with life experience to help others self-heal. Clients receive mentoring in narrative techniques and guidance in memoir-writing. I also share my editing expertise with people who are writing their story and wish to prepare it to publication standard. I encourage everyone to write their story. Your story counts!
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