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Hello, my name is not Celeste. Not even close. I’ve embarked on a journey to confront and heal from the childhood trauma and I’ve discovered that writing about my experiences serves as a therapeutic outlet. However, I’m not quite ready to share my vulnerabilities in a publicly identifiable way. That’s why I find June’s Self-paced Memoir program to be the right fit for me. It allows me to maintain anonymity while I work through my personal narrative because, honestly at this point, I’m writing for me.

Where do I start? Everyone has their own childhood story to untangle

Where do I start? I had a very, very weird childhood. Some people have the religious trauma, some have the undiagnosed neurodiversity factors, some have the abusive father factor, some have the poverty angle – I’ve had all that and then some. But I know I need to start dredging through all this. I realised on a recent..

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