Why Laura is giving her birthday away this year

Why Laura is giving her birthday away this year

Friends are like gems. And when friendships are formed in the process of advocating for a life-saving cause, that of  finding the cause of Anorexia Nervosa, their beauty and strength makes them priceless. This letter from my dear friend, Laura, about her dear friend, Charlotte, says it all:

Dear Friend,

My birthday is next week. I don’t want it.

My dear friend, Charlotte Bevan, has terminal cancer and her doctors are not promising her more birthdays so I’m giving her mine. I’m inviting others to do so as well.

I intend to celebrate this great woman and what she has done for me and so many around the world. This morning I published a video explaining my goal. I am asking my friends and family to celebrate by spreading the word on Charlotte’s Helix. This is a project that she, and I, believe may make medical history.

If her friends, and their friends, help just a little we can make this dream happen.

Why I’m giving my birthday away this year

The Helix site is here

Charlotte isn’t sitting around moaning: she’s working on something important and I am standing with her. Or, rather, dancing.

Time for our party shoes…

Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh


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