A day out with ‘ED’ – lobbying in Washington DC

A day out with ‘ED’ – lobbying in Washington DC

The US Government was in shutdown mode over budget indecision, the rain was falling, but none of this dampened the spirit of participants in the NEDC annual lobby day today in Washington DC.

I joined the wonderful Maudsley Parents team of Harret and Rina, and Cheryl, and we met with three congressmen and the staff of another, in the offices of the Senate and House of Representatives.

We walked miles through the corridors of power! Perhaps because of the shutdown, and our campaign is surely of a bipartisan nature, we were met with receptive audiences at each port of call.

A very interesting and rewarding day out. I would love to see a lobby day like this in Australia where we go to the seat of power to raise awareness of eating disorders.

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