‘Hello, you don’t know me’ — it helps to know you are not alone with ED

‘Hello, you don’t know me’ — it helps to know you are not alone with ED

This week I will be Boston for the AED ICED. This letter sums up why:

“Hello, you don’t know me, but i feel as though I know you from reading your book ‘A Girl Called Tim’  my name is Kat and I’m from North Wales. I became glued to the book within the first few pages and many parts of your story made me cry, because I really can relate to your story.”

Kat* continues:

Not feeling good enough, the frustration and disgust at telling yourself to be strict with what you eat one minute, then eating everything you see the next!

What made me cry the most, was when you explained how clingy you felt to George, your anger at him going out and talking to other people, even his own parents while you felt unable to make a connection with the world outside your head! I am 21 and have been married for 4 years, and i feel just the same towards my husband.

Anorexia and bulimia gripped me at age 11, the same as you, and didn’t leave me until I found out I was pregnant at 16, leaving me with its ugly trophies of severely damaged teeth and weakened bones. I’m sorry your battle lasted so long, ive never wrote to an author (or anyone famous!) Before, and it does feel very strange!

I just wanted to tell you that your story moved me in so many ways and inspired me more than you can imagine, so thankyou for sharing your life with the world!

A feeling of belonging and connection

A Girl Called Tim - describes my 'Everest' climb out of the depths of an eating disorder...and into the sunshine beyond.

A Girl Called Tim

A Girl Called Tim is my story of regaining authentic self.

The amazing thing is that I am more than two generations older than Kat, and yet our age difference doesn’t mean a thing. We identify with each other and feel an immediate sense of connection. It also doesn’t matter where we live, the illness is the same. It seems to have a universal language of its own, and in Boston,  where our world’s leading researchers will discuss their findings, I hope to learn more clues to understanding this language, to share with you.

Today, almost 10 years since gaining freedom from my long-time eating disorder, life is full and joyous beyond anything I could ever have imagined while in the clutches of ‘ED’.  I am a grandma to five gorgeous grand children and doing what I love…sharing time between family and writing books!

Since writing my memoir, I have co-authored and written more books on eating disorders, and am now doing a PhD in Creative Writing with CQUAustralia.

If you are suffering the symptoms of an eating disorder, I encourage you to reach out and seek help TODAY, so that you can begin the journey to regain your authentic self and be free to live your life fully. To become in touch with your true self is worth the effort and more than this, it is your right.

Meanwhile I have a desire to visit northern Wales on my next visit to the UK!

Thank you Kat, you inspire me afresh!

* (Kat has given permission for me to share her letter with you).

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