Living: carers and caring, friends and sharing

Living: carers and caring, friends and sharing

Magical Day Out: maneuvered various modes of transport & arrived at national carer conference on time for diary workshop … Carers (the mums and dads, and nurses) were totally inspiring and time literally flew.

I feel humbled and honored to opportunity to share with them and to hear their stories of courage.

From one big event I went to another…bestest friend Helen was having important tests at nearby hospital. Thank you to wonderful Butterfly staff Kirsty and Danni for providing transport for this stage of my journey.


Friendship is priceless. More valuable than the rarest gem. Here for each other through thick and thin.

It seemed very appropriate to travel in a Butterfly car because Helen is the epitome of butterfly essence…she embraces every moment of life and lives it to the full with grace, dignity, fun, wit, compassion and adventurous quest for engaging with the world …oh what joy to see Helen…how blessed we are to share more than half a century of friendship…(and don’t tell anyone but she has a birthday this Saturday 30th:-) we shared a precious hour together. Lots of hugs and forever love.

That’s my day. Filled with beautiful people connecting, belonging, loving and living. Home now. Happy pumpkin.

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