Music video puts Ana on the run

Music video puts Ana on the run

Ana_Run... And I refuse to run & hide
Yes I know you from inside,
And I won’t live this lonely life anymore

These are the closing lines in Ana, a music video created to promote awareness for eating disorders. I wish this video had been around when I was a kid. It would have helped me to understand that self-harming thoughts belonged to an illness and not the real me.

An eating disorder is a complex illness, and consensus on treatments remains scant. Likely, many small steps, along different paths, will be necessary for healing to take place. Much is written about, and much research devoted to, psychological, clinical and pharmacological treatments. These are important. But emergence of another, more self-driven form of assistance in healing inner wounds,  brings special joy to my heart: through the narrative and the arts.

During the research and writing of Using Writing as a Therapy for Eating Disorders _ Using Writing as a Therapy for Eating Disorders_FAWThe Diary Healer, I have been excited to discover highly creative and talented people, whose lives have been affected by an eating disorder, finding healing and freedom through arts forms that include story-telling, poetry, music, art and animation.

Lilac Sheer is a singer/songwriter with a personal story that includes Anorexia, Bulimia, Exercise Bulimia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and more. Lilac writes:

These days, when kids as young as 6-7 are being diagnosed with eating disorders, I see animation as a tool for bringing this difficult subject forward in a relatable way on one hand, yet a non sugar-coated, non apologetic manner on the other, while using the same art form they adore, in a productive way.


Lilac and Natalia

Lilac, together with graphic artist Natalia Biegaj who animates the words, has produced Ana, an animated video that connects and adds to the artillery that we need, to raise awareness and put the eating disorder, which may be called Ana, Ed or any other name, on the run.

You will find more about Lilac’s personal story in the follow-up video ‘Ana – Behind the scenes’ (second on the playlist).

Here are the lyrics in Ana … watch the words come to life in the video. If you have an eating disorder, or have experienced the symptoms, you will feel you are being spoken to, and if you know someone with an eating disorder, you will gain more understanding of what they are going through. This video can be a talking point for building bridges of understanding. Every bit, every crumb, counts in the quest to expose the eating disorder’s secrets and gain personal freedom. Through sharing, we can help and inspire each other.

Ana (by Lilac Sheer)

You’re on the run, I know
You’re on the run, I seen it
You’re dodging the bullet, you think you can pull it off
It’s your pain that you’re eating
It’s your self-control that you’re feeding
Then you’re eating, then your heeding, then you’re bleeding

Ana_MirrorI know you’re afraid, I know what you’re doing to yourself
You’re lost in the lies, you’ve been telling, everyone else
How long has it been since you’ve seen yourself truly for who you are?
Have you wondered too far?

Can you look me in the eye and tell me
That everything’s ok, when it’s not
I can’t buy this ugly lie you’re selling
Cause I see you from Inside
There’s no need to run & hide anymore

Ana_ClutchYou’re on the run again
You’re on the run, you’re spinning
You’re losing your hope, just please make it stop
It’s yourself that you’re killing
So you numb the pain, there’s no feeling
There’s no dealing, there’s no healing, you’re not willing

Ana_Both_SadI think you should leave, I’m doing better on my ownAna_Both_Cry
Get out of my life, get out my head, ‘cause I can’t take it anymore
I really need you gone but I’m holding on
Without you I’m nothing, you’re my only friend
I bet you wish I was dead

Don’t you look me in the eye and tell me
That everything’s ok, when it’s not
I won’t live this lonely life you’re living
So I’m leaving

Ana_Fly‘Cause I know you from Inside,
There’s no need to run & hide
Yes I know you from Inside,
And I refuse to run & hide
Yes I know me from inside,
But I won’t live this lonely life anymore.

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Lyrics, Music & Vocals – Lilac Sheer

Animation & Design – Natalia Biegaj

  • If you have found a creative form of expression to describe your experience of an eating disorder, and would like to share it to inspire others, write to me at

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