The secret to overcoming writer’s block

The secret to overcoming writer’s block

The secret to overcoming writer’s block

By Karyn Braveheart

She saw the advertisement in the local paper.

It looked genuine at first, but then she started to have a few doubts.

“Best I ring,” she said to herself, so she decided it might be a good idea to jot down a few things she needed to say.

She pretended she was on the phone.

“Hello, l am inquiring about your cure for writer’s block”… what might be his reply?

“Yes, you have come to the right/ WRITE place!”

She smiled at the pun.

“What would you like to know?”

She thought hard about his question.

The answer which she wrote was the obvious.

“First l would like to know what is the cost? And secondly l would like to know what will l get for my money?“

She imagined his answer, ”The cost is very expensive, depending on how you look at it, and what you will get for your money is entirely up to you.”

Another question is immediately being put onto paper.

“So what sort of cost am l looking at?” she wrote.

“One cost for everyone is a comfy chair, so important to look after one’s posture, and to avoid aches and pains which will draw people away from their writing.”

Very true, she thought.

He continued, ”The next thing is the obvious which is your writing equipment, whatever that may be; we always suggest a pen and notebook….”

This all seemed too easy. What if it is all a scam?

“Are you for real? Are you really a place? Do you really guarantee what you are advertising? I have been stuck in writer’s block for a very long time and it hasn’t been that simple.”

She wonders what his answer would be to this one…as she knew she was being very upfront about it.

“Another expense, which can be the most costly of all, is time.”

She stops for a second, but decides to keep writing these important questions; if she is going to make this inquiry count, it has to be good and thorough.

“Time? Yes that is very true. l will definitely have to make time to come to your treatment centre. I will also have to make time when l get home to practice and to do my homework…because everything needs practice and practice makes perfect.”

She ponders more about his answer to this one, still not quite convinced that his service is going to be worth the money.

Actually, so far he has avoided mentioning money.

“So, what l really need to know before l sign up for anything with you is what is the exact cost in dollars…l have to know if l can afford it.”

His answer is as follows, ”Dear Writer, you have expressed concerns about the cost, from the beginning, but let me reassure you of what is most important.”  His list comprised:

  1. Comfort
  2. Preparation
  3. Willingness to try
  4. Throw away perfectionism
  5. Start small, but make a start.
  6. Let it flow from within your heart.
  7. Allow yourself time.
  8. Remember how much joy writing once gave you.
  9. Believe you can have it back, because you deserve it.
  10. Life time guarantee that if you go ahead with the purpose to write,

at the end of the time you will find your freedom from writer’s block.

As she sits there now, with her pen and her notebook, she realises she has found her prescription for fixing writer’s block and now all she can see is a clear road ahead, writing once again to her heart’s content.

She cuts out the advertisement into the shape of a heart and glues it into her notebook as a reminder that the answer is often within herself if only she will take the time to search for it….

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  1. Frank Upfill says:

    Dear Karyn,
    I love your 10 remedies to help cure Writer’s Block. The ten are now written down in my memory book. Also, I am not going to get a bus to run away from my problems as in the past, but to take your advice and settle down and relax at home.

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