Welcome to Life Stories Diary

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Welcome to Life Stories Diary

Welcome to Life Stories Diary

The Diary Healer has transitioned to this new site with a new aim and a new name. Building on The Diary Healer’s accomplishments, lifestoriesdiary.com is here to encourage story-sharing and help you write your story.

Are you one of the many people who say, ‘I will write my story one day,’ but never quite get around to doing so?

Or maybe you have made a start, or maybe multiple starts, but something always happens, and you decide that writing your story is too hard, takes too much time, is not a priority right now?  Or do you think, ‘my story is not worth telling?’ For these reasons and many more, has your story remained untold?

I don’t want you to be someone who never gets around to writing their story. The truth is that everyone has a story to tell, and everyone’s story counts.

Everyone includes YOU

Another truth is that the very best person to tell your story is YOU.

Whether writing your story for yourself alone, or for family and close others, or for the world to read, is for you to decide. Whether you want to write 300 words, 3000 words or 30,000 words, what matters is that you are creating your footprint, marking your presence, and providing insight into who you are, for those who follow.

As we grow older, we may wonder, ‘what have I done with my life?’ Look in any nursing home, and think how wonderful it would be, if each resident could pull their story out from under their pillow or cushion, for the staff to read. Think how helpful that story could be, for the staff to understand this elderly person and see them, and treat them, in a new, respectful light.

The story also can be offered to children and grandchildren to read when they visit. Reading your story will help them to view you as a person who has had adventures, has met challenges, and has accomplished a lot, rather than as an old, wrinkled person lying in bed or resting in a chair, in the sunset of life. Or the residents might share their written stories around the nursing home’s dining table, whereupon one resident’s memory will trigger fresh memories in others, and conversation will light up like baubles sparkling on a Christmas tree.

Story-sharing is a wonderful way of generating a heightened sense of purpose and worthiness. Our potential for self-growth is ongoing, for as long as we live and writing is a marvellous tool for helping us to reflect, look within, and look ahead. Writing can help us charter our path. It can help us to see where we have been, and where we want to go.

Writing can help us get there

Lifestoriesdiary.com will continue the work of The Diary Healer in providing opportunities for reader interaction and contribution through narrative forms of expression. Safe and supportive, this online environment will continue to invite sharing with like-minded others through the medium of writing. Diary writing continues as an important element because, while we can benefit from in-person engagement with and guidance from others, diary writing helps us to work privately within, and to develop a loving relationship with our self.

The pages of Life Stories Diary, like The Diary Healer, will encourage person-centred, self-healing and promotion of self-fulfilment and wellbeing. The catalyst for this new site stems from my decades of diary writing experience, my memoir A Girl Called Tim, my PhD in which the creative work is Using Writing as a Therapy for Eating Disorders – The Diary Healer, my experience in mentoring private clients, and in leading community writing groups. Writing can be an effective self-healer and life-enricher, especially when shared with a trusted narrative mentor, and can help open the door to enhanced life quality in beautiful, unexpected ways.

… it is time for you to tell your story … 

It is time to move along and focus on writing about the life we create when self-healing transitions to self-growth; when we change our inner voice from negative to positive; when we courageously stop self-harming and start self-loving; and when we push aside shame and stigma and embrace opportunity.

Whether you are an adolescent or an octogenarian, or any age between,  www.lifestoriesdiary.com is for you.

You don’t have a diary?

Don’t worry, I can help you write your story

Importantly, if you have not kept a diary regularly or at all, I can help you write your story. I can help you piece your memories together and place them on the page. We can use other records to help your map your story. Your life experience counts!

I hope you enjoy exploring this new home, www.lifestoriesdiary.com, as much as I have enjoyed designing and furnishing it. The door is always open. Come on in and share your story or ask me for help to share your story! There is room for all of us. You are welcome!

June Alexander

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As founder of Life Stories Diary my prime motivation is to connect with people who want to share their story. Why? Because your story is important. My goal with this blog is to provide a platform for you to share your story with others. Building on the accomplishments of The Diary Healer the Life Stories Diary blog will continue to be a voice for people who have experienced an eating disorder, trauma or other mental health challenge, and provide inspiration through the narrative, to live a full and meaningful life.

My nine books about eating disorders focus on learning through story-sharing. Prior to writing books, which include my memoir, I had a long career in print journalism. In 2017, I graduated as a Doctor of Philosophy (Creative Writing), researching the usefulness of journaling and writing when recovering from an eating disorder or other traumatic experience.
Today I combine my writing expertise with life experience to help others self-heal. Clients receive mentoring in narrative techniques and guidance in memoir-writing. I also share my editing expertise with people who are writing their story and wish to prepare it to publication standard. I encourage everyone to write their story. Your story counts!
Contact me: Email june@junealexander.com and on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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